Design Thinking At Home

I don’t believe in not seeing the negative. But you can take that negative and make it a positive. Change the form and you can change your life.
—Faith Ringgold


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1-Art At HomeThe next time you’re waiting for the train at the Rockwell stop, check out the outdoor mural painted there.


Ask yourself these questions:
Who painted this mural?
Why did they paint it?
How does this mural reflect our community?


I don’t know the “real” answers to these questions—that’s MY homework for this year!
Another idea is for you to choose one of the women featured in the mural and create an imaginary story of her life. I’ve done this many times—Boy, the train arrives before you know it when you are doing this activity!


2-Art at Home
Science Integration
We are concerned about e-Waste  awareness in our school. I need your  creativity, ideas and help! Think of interesting ways to express the importance of recycling e-Waste (old, biohazardous, out-of-date technology) that is both beautiful and meaningful. Email me your ideas or bring in your designs to room 112B before school. I can’t wait for your feedback.


All Subjects
Just for fun…
Try to draw a picture in three parts by folding your paper in thirds.  Create a beginning on the first folded third, a middle on the second  and the ending on the last third of your paper. Does your drawing tell  a story? I bet it does!


All Subjects
Learning about artists and  art forms can be fascinating in a variety of ways. Each of us  experiences something unique when we look at a painting or a sculpture  or picture made of light. 3-Art At HomeBecome an expert  on your artist and share your experience in art class—any class, any  day of the week! Be creative every day! You  can build literacy each time you draw a picture that tells a story.  Share your artwork with family and friends. Please share your “at-home”  artwork with Mrs. Vecchioni before school. I’m in room 112B at  8AM almost every day and I’d love to see it! You could check out someone like one of my favorite artists, one of the founding members of the Blue Rider group, Wassily Kandinsky…


All Subjects
Take a field trip or conduct a scavenger hunt downtown to explore Chicago’s amazing array of public art! This could be a great photography project…your child could take photos from a variety of angles with some incredible results. Please bring your photos to room 112B for sharing! Your child can be “Teacher For The Day.” If you need to borrow a digital camera, let me know and you can check one out from the art room for the weekend.
Here are some of my suggestions…miss.chicago.miro - Copy
Picasso’s “The Picasso” (Dearborn/Van Buren)
Miró’s “The Sun, The Moon and One Star” (Washington/Dearborn)
Debuffet’s “Beast” (Randolf/Clark)
Chagall’s “Four Seasons” (On Monroe between Clark & Dearborn)
Calder’s “Flamingo” (Dearborn/Adams)
Abakanowicz’s “Agora” (Michigan/Roosevelt)
Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” (Michigan/Madison)
Plensa’s “Crown Fountain” (Michigan/Monroe)

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